Understanding protein methylation

What is protein methylation and where is it found? What enzymes are responsible? Also, what is its function? We are addressing these questions with proteomics, mass spectrometry and two-hybrid-based techniques to build intracellular methylproteome networks.

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PTM Oracle Network Tool

We have developed the PTM Oracle, a cytoscape application for the integrative analysis of protein interaction networks and post-translational modifications. We can now visualise, query, create new hypotheses and explore where post-translational modifications (PTMs) are co-located on proteins to understand the role of PTMs in protein-protein interactions and the protein interaction code.

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Koala genome assembly

We are assembling the koala genome from long read data, and also by hybrid assemblies. This is a collaborative project with the Australian Museum, University of Sydney and University of Sunshine Coast.

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PTMOracle Network Analysis Software


PTMOracle is a Cytoscape App for the visualisation and co-analysis of protein interaction networks, protein post-translational modifications and protein structure data. For more details, click here.