19 May 2017

Simone Li awarded her PhD

Congratulations to Simone, having been awarded her PhD on the 19th of May. Simone has done her PhD between UNSW and EMBL at Heidelberg. She...
24 Feb 2017

Paper in PLoS Genetics

Collaborative work done by Gene Hart-Smith helped identify the interaction partners of this new histone variant. A new link between transcriptional initiation and pre-mRNA splicing:...
07 Feb 2017

Clean Sweep at Lorne Proteomics 2017

Congratulations to the team on their swag of talks and awards at the Australasian Proteomics Society (APS) conference this year. Gene was invited to give...
04 Feb 2017

Susan publishes paper in Plos One

Transcriptomic Analysis Shows Decreased Cortical Expression of NR4A1, NR4A2 and RXRB in Schizophrenia and Provides Evidence for Nuclear Receptor Dysregulation. Corley SM, Tsai SY, Wilkins...
01 Feb 2017

RNA interaction networks in E. coli

Collaborative work done by Ignatius Pang an Nandan Deshpande helped build the network of RNA interactions in E. coli. Small RNA interactome of pathogenic E....
12 Jan 2017

The network basis of drug synergy

Collaborative work arising from the NHMRC project awarded to Carter, Wilkins, Chen. Transcriptome and network analyses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveal that amphotericin B and lactoferrin...
16 Nov 2016

Josh published his Honours project work

Joshua Hamey defines the regions of the methyltransferase Efm2 that are important for its activity. The activity of a yeast Family 16 methyltransferase, Efm2, is...
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