05 Sep 2022

DESN2000 team wins first prize

Congratulations to Naomi Warren, Cameron McMenamie, Austin Tsai and Hannah Veitch for winning first prize in the student DESN2000 course at UNSW. Their team won...
09 Aug 2022

Tara submits her PhD thesis!

Congratulations to Tara on the submission of her PhD thesis. It contains her published MCP paper and another in Analytical Chemistry, along with a mystery...
08 Jul 2022

Collaborative MRFF with Emily Oates funded

We congratulate Emily Oates on the funding of her MRFF grant, entitled “Advancing congenital and childhood-onset muscle disease diagnosis and treatment – a cross-disciplinary Australian...
20 Jun 2022

Tara’s paper an MCP research highlight

Tara’s paper, on the use of crosslinking mass spectrometry for understanding the loss of histidine methylation on a ribosomal protein, was a Research Highlight from...
17 Jun 2022

Angel Liang to present at SBRS

PhD student Angelita Liang has been selected for presentation at the Sydney Bioinformatics Research Symposium. Angel will talk about her very large scale analysis of...
28 May 2022

Ryan’s PhD awarded!

Congratulations to Ryan Separovich on the award of his PhD, entitled “The post-translational regulation of histone methylation enzymes by upstream signalling pathways”. Lovely work, containing...