Dr Daniela Smith

Project Detail

Past projects – studying post-translational modifications and the interactome using crosslinking mass spectrometry

In her PhD, Daniela used cross-linking mass spectrometry to study interactions associated with post-translational modifications, especially involving protein methylation. One focus was to understand whether crosslinking mass spectrometry could capture the transient interaction that occurs when a an arginine methyltransferase, Hmt1, methylates a substrate protein. A further focus was to explore interactome-scale crosslinking mass spectrometry in yeast; work which involved collaboration with colleague Tara Bartolec. Both projects were published in Analytical Chemistry. Work from Daniela’s honours year and PhD, focusing on the phosphorylation and methylation in SRGG motifs, showed that yeast Nop1 (fibrillarin) uses modification crosstalk to control nuclear localisation and that methylation of Nop1 is essential for the correct formation of the nucleolus. That work was published in the Journal of Molecular Biology.