Tara Bartolec

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Large-scale crosslinking mass spectrometry: profiling the nuclear interactome and regulatory role of ribosome methylation

All living things require the accurate reading, copying and passing on of their genetic information to grow and proliferate. In higher organisms such as animals, plants and fungi, these activities are coordinated by the nucleus. Tara has used crosslinking mass spectrometry to profile nuclear proteins to gain a deeper understanding of the protein complexes that exist in the nucleus of a eukaryote. This work was published in Analytical Chemistry. In collaboration with Prof. James Bruce (University of Washington) she has also studied the role of histidine methylation in the ribosome. Using comparative interactomics, using stable isotope labelling and large scale crosslinking mass spectrometry, she compared how the cell’s proteome and interactome change on knockout of a histidine methyltransferase. Remarkably, aspects of phenotype that could not be explained by proteomic analysis could be clearly seen through changes in protein-protein interactions.



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