Dr Gene Hart-Smith

Project Detail

Past projects – methylation as a modulator of protein-protein interactions

Gene used existing knowledge of the S. cerevisiae intracellular methylation network to conduct an organism-wide survey of protein-protein interactions mediated by methylation. His research made use of an innovative mass spectrometry-based workflow, centred around a technique known as Size Exclusion Chromatography-Protein Correlation Profiling-Stable Isotope Labelling by Amino acids in Cell culture (SEC-PCP-SILAC), to monitor the role of methylation in protein complex formation. Best practice methods were generated for PCP data analysis. Previously, Gene built and published the first ‘methylproteome network’ and contributed substantially to techniques to reliably detect protein methylation using mass spectrometry techniques. His study of false positive methylation events alerted the field to the challenges of methylation detection; this was of high impact and will be of long-standing importance for the field. He has collaborated with many other groups, including that of Prof. Peter Waterhouse where the outcomes were published in Nature Plants.


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